4 Reasons Real Estate Websites Need to Up Their Game

It’s a mobile ready world, which means that there are more Americans using mobile devices to peruse websites, look for properties or real estate investments. Plus, real estate is a very “digital” field by nature since you don’t have time to drive from property to property to check it out in person. While every industry will benefit from an improved website, the real estate field is particularly in need. Websites are where potential buyers take virtual tours, check out Google Maps for neighborhood tips and even make offers.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of websites in any industry could use an improvement. Here are a few ways to optimize your real estate website, whether your company is about gauging profits or matching sellers with buyers. Are you making one of these common mistakes?

Responsive design is lacking

A website that features responsive design means that it’s been designed to respond in an appropriate manner no matter what browser or gadget is being used. If your website looks great on everything except the latest iPhone 6, you have a problem. Opting out of responsive design, which requires regular testing, means you’re opting out of an entire demographic.

Mobile readiness isn’t ready

Mobile readiness is a sub-category of responsive design and can include an app or a mobile version of a website. You might not need both (or either) of these options, but look at them closely. Is your website “good enough” to be showcased without a mobile website? Does your audience want an app or not? You need to know.


The SEO is subpar

Search engine optimization (SEO) are best practices that search engines use to rank websites. When someone’s Googling “real estate investors Jacksonville” and you’re on page five of Google search results, you might as well not even exist. Researchers show that almost nobody looks beyond the first page of results and most people focus on the top three. Better SEO can improve your rankings and get you more visibility.

Balancing heavy content with speed

You need to offer high quality images of a property and/or video walk-through tours. However, these features can seriously slow down your site which frustrates users and also impacts your SEO in a bad way. Don’t auto-start videos and balance image size. Biggest isn’t always best, so make sure that speed is still decent even with those stunning property images.

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