Making A Career On Your Computer

Before computers it was harder to be someone that strictly worked from home. And, even now some people still think that working from home is simply a mom thing. The thing is, if you have the right career experience, and the right motivation, you can telecommute for a living.

Just like there are many reasons that someone would want, or need to work from home, there are also many reasons why companies like to hire teleworking employees that can work on their own devices from the comfort of their own homes. One of those reasons? It keeps down costs!

Why Work From Home

You don’t have to be a mom to reap the benefits of working from home. While it is a great way to spend more time with family, it also offers you more time to work on what you want to work on. It’s also a great way to save money with no need for actual commuting, and the money you spend on your devices in order to work can be claimed on your taxes!

It does take some extra work though. While you may feel less stressed and don’t have the loudness of an office, you do have to be accountable for yourself. That means working hard at time management. Don’t let the kids monopolize your work hours!


Picking The Right Career

You can’t just get online and expect to find a job though. While there are tons of online job opportunities, you want to pick one that you have experience in, like data entry if you’ve worked in an office, or freelance writing if you are an experienced write.

Basically, if the job can be done online without an office, brick and mortar store, or a table at a craft show, you can do it as telecommuting work. You may make less money selling your artwork online, unless you have something others love and can’t possibly make on their own, than you would as a transcriptionist, but you also want to make sure you do something you are passionate about so you will put the effort in that you need to succeed.

Using Every Online Advantage

Take advantage of all that the internet has to offer you, from help finding remote work to creating your own online business. There are many job search sites that help freelancers and other telecommuting workers find openings.

Don’t just search, create your own career online. Use social media to set up business pages, set up a website that tells people about what you can do for them. and make sure to blog about it all. Heck, maybe your new career in the virtual world will be a monetized blog, if you have something to say that people really want to read.


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