Stand out with 2014 Technology Innovations on Any Dinner Cruise

Although a standard dinner cruise is often only 2 to 4 hours long, that time can be well-spent by attendees when the ship provider has a keen eye on technology. Simply serving dinner at sunset doesn”t make competition any easier in this industry. It”s critical to have innovative components as part of the night”s entertainment to get guests up and partying.

Exclusive Wireless Connectivity

Connecting your guests with WiFi reaching to shore isn”t practical for a short dinner cruise, but a built-in Internet system across the ship itself is a smart feature. Guests can message each other, ask for a drink to be delivered to a table or even have promotional notifications pop up for an enhanced cruise experience. Simply ask guests to log in when they arrive on board. This personalized feature makes the visit better for guests while you collect data about food and drink consumption for future reference.


Entertainment like the Big Guys

Large cruise ships obviously have the room to put on Broadway-style shows. For your short cruise, consider adding strategic lighting to a dance floor and ask local dancers to add some flair to the evening. Traditional dances, including belly dances and hula style, are always exciting to watch. The added lighting only enhances the experience as patrons move to the dance floor themselves. With professional lighting dropping in cost from new light bulb innovations, your ship doesn”t take on a large debt with this feature.

Electronic Wristbands

Safety is always a concern at any watercraft event. Incorporate RFID wristbands for everyone to wear. These bands use a radio frequency to communicate with a reader. The captain will always know where all guests are located, allowing everyone to meander across the ship without losing anyone to an overboard situation or simply being lost below deck. Choose attractive wristbands to make the item look more fashionable than its intended functional purpose.

Flat Screen Features

Televisions used to be too expensive and bulky to add to any dinner cruise ship. Today”s technology, however, offers inexpensive models with a flat shape. Add flat screens on the dance floor to add color or themes to the night or hang one above the bar to showcase the latest sports game. These simple additions make people choose your cruise over others.

The All-Important PA System

Although PA systems aren”t new technology, they are still critical to ship-wide communication. Upgrade an old PA system to use specialized speakers meant to fight the salty air. These new speaker models have crisp treble for clear communication during the evening. Use the system for more than safety information. Call out any unexpected guests, such as dolphins, to enhance the night. Watching marine life is part of the dinner cruise mystique.

From on-board safety to dazzling entertainment, dinner cruises have come a long way from their subtle beginnings. Make your ship stand out from the others with strategically located televisions and instant communication. You”ll have customers looking to book another trip as soon as possible.

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