Use Gadgets to Get a Heads Up on Winter Weather

Weather conditions can change at the drop of a hat, and the last thing you want to do is forget to bring your warm hat or gloves while out and about running errands. Instead of taking your best guess at what the weather is going to be like on any given day, you can let the latest high-tech gadgets do it for you. You can use these devices to help you winterize your wardrobe and prepare for the ever-changing weather conditions.

Be Forewarned of Weather Alerts

Advance warning of severe weather conditions helps to save lives. However, while you”re out and about, it can be difficult to get these alerts. One new gadget that alerts you of rapidly changing weather conditions and severe weather alerts is the Weather Alert Wristwatch from Hammacher Schlemmer. It can also be used while hiking or camping. This watch provides you with information about changes in altitude, air pressure and wind speed and direction. This is also a great device to keep in your dwelling as a part of your emergency preparedness supplies. Wear the watch even while you”re home. Keep an extra battery around for it also. Even if you live alone and only have yourself to look out for, having a clean home and an easy to locate box or container of emergency supplies will help you in case you need to evacuate due to a weather emergency or any other emergency situation in the area.


Become an Amateur Meteorologist

If anyone in your home is fascinated by meteorology, then a home weather monitoring station is a great addition. Not only will amateur weather scientists find it fun to monitor each day”s high and low temperatures and humidity levels but you can also use the weather station to forewarn you about upcoming storms and winter weather. The Wind and Weather Kid Friendly Forecast Station is a product that is easy to set up and maintain. One part should be placed outdoors while the monitoring station is placed indoors. You can look at the current conditions outside your doorstep so you know whether you”ll need the heavy jacket and gloves or the light jacket and sunglasses.

Stay Safe When the Power Goes Out

Severe winter storms and their damaging winds and heavy precipitation may cause you to be without power. The Upp fuel cell charger helps to ensure that all of your gadgets can stay powered throughout the duration of the storm. You”ll be able to charge your cell phone and stay on top of road closures and other weather-related emergencies. The Tetra flashlight is another new gadget that can power your devices with the use of a USB port connected to a battery. It also has a built-in lantern so you can see to navigate in your home. This device is also small enough that you could keep one in your vehicle or travel bag and have it with you at all times.

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