What Not to do While Preparing for GMAT to Assure Success

Graduate Management Aptitude Test or GMAT is a doorway to an International MBA program offered by B-schools globally. GMAT is one of a kind test that is taken by working professionals from every corner of the world.  The moment they settled down on the decision for GMAT, they start to snoop the internet “how to prepare for GMAT?

In this section, we will discuss “what not to do while preparing for GMAT to assure success” Generally, the GMAT aspirants overlook these points which in revert makes study cumbersome for them. So follow these points and head towards a score of 700+ in GMAT.

Time set:

Do not rush during the last moments of the exam. GMAT test providers conduct a lot of personal counselling sessions for aspirants where they advise the GMAT aspirants not to initiate GMAT preparation just a month prior to the test.  Instead, start preparing for GMAT at least six months in advance. ‘GMAT test contains basics up to high school level’; though this statement is soothing to hear, reality is just the opposite as it incorporates solving questions with proper shortcut techniques. For this, an essential thing one must possess is clear concepts about problems. This needs sufficient amount of time to gain excellence in. This can only be achieved after a lot of practice; you have to exercise your brain by solving all kinds of experimental and logical questions. Give your brain proper time to grasp the proper techniques used while solving a particular array of questions. For example you can adapt the Byju’s Classes exclusive mathematical approach to reading and answering questions of reading comprehension.


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Avoid broad class room based study schedules:

Mostly working professionals are intrigued by the GMAT exam and its preparation and fall trap to long hours of lectures and sessions occurring in the classroom. In class room studies it is very difficult for the mentors to follow on individual students. Some students are quick learners and some lag behind which creates a hindrance in the smooth running of classes. Quick learners may feel bored of reading the same concepts again and again.  To avoid such kind of a bias you can go for online courses or app-based study programs. Byju’s Classes-The Learning App is a leading app which offers study materials for GMAT preparation. The biggest advantage of this app is the subject contents are recorded in video form which grants the freedom of studying anytime and anywhere. For concrete preparation, take as many mock tests as you can. Many GMAT preparation providers give you the prospect to attempt the mock test. To give an edge to your preparation try Byju’s mock test:

Never quit the job:

Very often GMAT aspirants dwell in the dilemma of quitting a job, but we strictly recommend not to make such a decision. MBA itself is a very costly affair and it makes a big hole in your pocket. So to meet future financial challenges it is recommended that you don”t quit your job. For preparation you can take the help of online or App based study courses.  Byju’s Classes-The Learning App conducts webinars time to time where you can have your doubts cleared and participate in group discussions. They allot specific mentors to assist you in your preparation.

So just throw away the negative vibes, pull up your socks and start preparing for GMAT, without hesitating to ask us for help and we’ll be glad to assist you. You have given a missed call on +91-9900004628 or drop an email at byjusforgmat@gmail.com.


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