3 Must Have Stock Analysis Apps

Those working in investment often make lighting fast decisions on trades, some based on scrupulous research and others in the heat of the moment on gut instinct.  Stock market players, from the amateur to professional levels, now have their mobile phones to accompany them in the race to riches.  There”s a wealth of finance-related apps available to help bring real-time information of stock charts, streaming prices, economic data, and futures right to anyone”s smartphone or tablet.  These apps can help investors discern which social networks are the best to invest in, what commodity is hot now, and what”s coming up around the corner.  Here are three of the best apps available for Wall Street wannabes.


According to the home page, Bloomberg is a free app available on both iOS and Android devices.  Due to the volatility of the trading game, this app is extremely useful; dedicated to bringing every trader the latest in real-time news and current events regarding the stock market.  Maybe that”s why Bloomberg ranks high in the choices for professional traders, offering the same power and speed as their computers, anywhere in the world.  In addition to the steady stream of current financial and world news, Bloomberg provides stock quotes, easily readable graphs, and push notifications for relevant breaking news, before it “hits the stands.”  The app, combined with the website, compiles all the information in one place and users can read articles, check prices, manage their virtual portfolios, look-up charts, and do a number of other tasks all from the same easily-accessed location.  Bloomberg also has a number of associated apps that are available for download on various devices.



Falling in amongst lists of popular stock apps is the free app,StockTwits, available on iOS and Android.  This is the Twitter of the stock-trading world; and both professionals and amateurs take part.  The app shows real time conditions and moves of traders in the market and those with the app can check in on what the top investment firms and media outlets are saying about the stock market.  StockTwits doesn”t just provide a Twitter like flurry of news; it also has charts and videos with free technical analyses.  The app seems to be most lucrative for day and short-term traders who can access all the info rapidly and see which stocks are trending.  It”s a way to gauge what the market is like based on the ratings of traders for individual stocks, moment to moment.

Stock Guru

One of the apps routinely found on the lists of pro-traders is Stock Guru. According to the experts at AppAdvice, this app, unlike many others, is available exclusively on iOS systems and is predominantly used by iPad owners. For a one-time fee, the app”s many features make it worth it. Stock Guru provides a robust search engine for the real time analysis of over 7,000 different stocks and traders can use the app to analyze risk, momentum, and financial strength before making any moves.  Each stock is given a rating in various categories as well as a number of other valuable details including risk scores, percentiles, and return charts.  The price tag could be a turn-off given the number of free apps available, but true investors know that good tools cost money and this app can help them make it back in no time.

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