4 Apps That Can Help You Track Sexual Health

Safe sex and reproductive health are subjects that everyone should be concerned about. Whether you”re in a committed relationship, casually dating, or single, it”s important to know what your resources are when it comes to STD awareness and contraception. Here are four apps that will help you and your partners prioritize sexual health.

Period Calendar / Tracker

Sexually active women and couples should keep track of periods, since they can indicate a variety of health statuses. This Android app will help you identify exactly when your last period was and its duration. These details can be extremely useful for individuals and couples tracking fertility trends or those who are yet ready to start a family. Users can also find a glossary of symptoms so that they can better understand irregular cycles. Tracking your period can help you identify unusual trends in your reproductive and sexual health and take action early.



This iOS app includes a glossary on a wide range of contraceptives and disease prevention techniques. This dictionary of safe sex techniques can help users learn about safe intimacy practices.


This app allows sexual partners to “bump” their smartphones together to exchange STD information in a non-invasive way. Users update their MedXSafe profiles with their latest STD test results. Your healthcare provider confirms these results before they are added to your app. When you bump your smartphone against another user”s phone, partners will be able to see if they are both STD free. The app only identifies whether someone is STD free or not. It does not give anyone details about positive STD results. This app can help you safely confirm that a partner is STD free without an invasion of privacy.


Are you worried that you might have an STD? If you have any doubts, it”s important to talk to a doctor today, so that you can get tested. The Healthvana app helps you track the results and dates of your STD tests, so that you can learn about the next steps with positive or negative results. This health portfolio can also help couples manage their test results and symptoms for ultimate relationship safety.

These apps can help you gain a better sense of control over your sexual and reproductive health. Encourage your partners to also participate with these apps, so that you can increase transparency regarding STD statuses and pregnancy concerns.

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