The Apple iPhone 4S, The Handset That All Others Shy Away From

The Apple iPhone 4S, the handset that all others shy away from and this is something that everyone who owns it will agree with. I totally agree with the companies punch line for the product, “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone” as the handset is truly a powerhouse of technology and offers an experience that arguably, no other handset does. People have been waiting for the launch of the iPhone 4S and that is mainly because the Apple is known and expected to bring out devices that are invincible and are clearly ahead of their time and the iPhone 4S is one such device. I have reviewed this handset for you, take a look at it before you grab your purse and go and get it from the nearest Apple store.

Main features of the Apple iPhone 4S

While checking out the handset I was wondering which are the main features of the handset that I need to mention and which ones should I skip and that was quite a demanding task as the handset has features that are all very alluring, different and enhanced as compared to its predecessor.


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Processor of the handset

The iPhone 4S is packed with an Apple A5 processor that is smoother and more efficient than its predecessor that powered the Apple iPhone 4. The processor along with the software is what makes the handset tick and even though it is not a quad core processor, that is presently the talk of the town, it will not disappoint you.

iPhone 4S display

This is one aspect of a handset that confuses almost everyone as there are smartphones in almost all display sizes and the best and the largest one being the Samsung Galaxy Note with a 5.3 inch display. The display of the iPhone 4S is 3.5 inches (diagonal) and it has a native resolution of 960 x 640 pixels. The display is encased by scratch resistant glass and then there is the fingerprint resistant feature that has been included too. The most amazing feature of the handset is that it has the retina display technology that has been included along with it and that ensure crisp detail to the videos and pictures that you are watching.

Memory of the handset

There are 3 variants that are available with respect to the memory and that is, the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. You can get any of them depending upon your needs, but you do need to bear in mind that there is no external memory option present and thus you cannot insert any memory card in the device.


The handset packs an 8MP rear facing shooter that is supported by an LED Flash which enables you to take clear pictures during the night or in low light conditions. There are features galore that are present with the camera and these include autofocus, geo tagging, face recognition etc. Also, the camera is capable of shooting videos in full HD, which gives the handset a leading edge over its competitors.

Coming to the secondary camera, that is the front facing one the handset is a VGA one and there is the Facetime feature that is present that enables the user to make video calls with any other user of an Apple device, free of cost.

Operating system and the user interface

The handset is based on the iOS 5, which is again the latest operating system, from the house Apple and it has unique features such as the iCloud that enables you to store data and share it without using the memory of your handset. There are many other features that are present and they are all going to make the user experience cherishable.

The user interface is the knock out feature of this handset as there is a voice assistant called Siri that has been integrated with the already interactive graphic user interface of the handset. This is the main USP of the handset that has the world going gaga over it. The assistant will help the user to perform task with the help of simple sentences that it will follow in the form of instructions.

These are the main features of the Apple iPhone 4S, the handset that all others shy away from. I’m sure that you now have a very clear idea of why this handset is so sought after. In case you are smitten by what you have read, then don’t restrict yourself. Go and get one from the Apple store in your vicinity, at the earliest.

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