CMS As a Blog – Which one to choose?

BlogSpot and WordPress are the two most commonly used blogging CMS which are free and open source. But in this article we will talk about the available alternatives of these two. We are trying to give an introduction about other best CMS for blogging which provide all the tools and features to make your blog looks pretty and attractive as well as maintain its professional look as BlogSpot and WordPress do.


Drupal is the closest competitor of BlogSpot and WordPress, both in terms of usage and community activities. Drupal provides all the features and tools which must a blogging CMS have such as Widget support, themes, and has a very loyal user base. For the years, Drupal has held the title of being the developer’s CMS.


The only negative point in Drupal is that it’s not that much user friendly means if you are beginner than you are going to face many difficulties while using Drupal as compared to BlogSpot and WordPress.

Movable Type

Movable Type is another CMS available for blogging which is written in Perl computer language. It you are planning to give your website or blog a powerful CMS then Movable Type is a worthy option except you are not thinking to use PHP-based CMS, otherwise Movable Type is out of the list.

Movable Type is available in both options you can use it as Commercial as well as Open Source.


Textpattern is also a good choice for blogging CMS. Textpattern is boasted by very active and friendly community base and active development. It also aims to strike in between the usability and extendibility for making an ideal balance. From a designers point of view you will never run short of options, tweaks, and widgets or plugin to make your blog safe and sound.


Concrete5 is also a popular CMS available which is very handy in terms of usage and application. It is full-fledged CMS and better comparable with Joomla, instead of WordPress. Concrete5 comes with pre-defined settings for a blog which includes native support for RSS feeds, sitemaps, and scheduling of posts.

Although there are many other CMS also available for blogging but we try to define the best competitor available freely over the internet. And all of these CMS provides good alternative of BlogSpot and WordPress. If you think that we forget to include any then please notify us so that we can update our list.

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