Commission Free CFD Trading Services From XFR Financial Ltd (XTrade)

XTrade which is a renowned CFD brokerage service has ensured that the firm does not charge any hidden commission of fee for the trading services they provide. This is a much desired feature expected from every broker and this helps in enhancing the value of the services provided by the every broker.

XTrade offers commission free services

The broker XTrade is licensed and regulated by CYSEC which is popular regulating authority for trading services. They believe that it gives a good competition to other brokers by offering a no charge experience of trading to all of its clients. Instead of charging commission, it offers fixed tight spreads on the trades for all types of account types and sizes. XFR Financial Ltd strives best to get the most suitable prices from all of the liquidity providers it has. The CFD broker takes the best bid and ask prices which gets updated on a real time basis and helps in reflecting the levels of current CFD market.

It applies to every trading instrument

The commission free approach applies to every trading instrument taken at XTrade whether it is indices, shares, commodities or currencies. The broker offers more than 50 leveraged Forex pairs which include the popular ones like USD/JPY, EUR/USD etc. Traders can also choose CFDs from USA, Germany, UK and more when it comes to trading stocks. The stocks available at XFR Financial Ltd include the famous Apple, Nike, IBM, JP Morgan and others. Similarly the CFD traders can choose from a wide range of commodities which accumulate almost everything from Gold and Silver to Natural Oil.


When it comes to trading on indices, XTrade allows you to trade CFDs in all the popular international markets like Dow Jones, S&P 500 etc. This wide variety of trading instruments allows CFD traders to maintain a good portfolio of the CFD trades with XFR Financial Ltd and they can use CFDs to their best advantages.

It is possible to view the real time prices directly from the market in which the instrument underlying is traded.

XFR Financial Ltd is one of the best CFD brokers

XFR Financial Ltd not only offers commission free trading services for all its instruments but it also offers many distinct advantages that no other brokers can offer. Availability of a number of trading instruments and providing a great trading platform for CFDs are other important features offered by XFR Financial Ltd. Today CFD trading is offered by a number of online brokers and they offer a number of discounts and promotions time to time but XTrade is the one which has maintained a great reputation from the beginning and is committed to provide the best services to its clients in all terms.


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