Top 5 Best Smart Phones In The Market

The market is flooded with number of mobile phones, almost every other day a new mobile phone gets releases. The smartphone revolution is at its peak and is going to follow the same trend in coming years. While the market has lot of range to choose from, but the top 5 that are best selling and rated well is what we are going to list out today. Lets see them one by one.

Samsung Galaxy S3

One of the hottest selling smartphone in the market is Samsung Galaxy S3, given are the features 2GB RAM, 32Gb Storage, 8 Megapixel camera. The smartphone is really designed for humans, its been 8 months since the first release and the smartphone has recorded the 40 millions units sold worldwide.

iPhone 5

Seeing the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S3, the apple took the stand to release successor version of iPhone 4S and hence the iPhone 5 came into existence, with the powerful feature like 1GB RAM, Quad Core Processor, Large Screen and 16/32/64 Gb Storage option the Smartphone has gained lot of attraction.


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One of the best android smartphone in market, The Quad Core Processor, 8 Mega Pixel Camera, 2GB RAM are just few things to talk about, the smartphone has capability that is not seen in any other smartphone in current market.

Samsung Galaxy S2

One of the predecessor version of Samsung Galaxy S3 . The Smartphone has already grabbed attention among technology enthusiast and was one of the hot selling gadget in year 2011.

iPhone 4S

One of the reason that has taken the whole world by storm is because of this powerful and extremely good gadget. Another smartphone that has record selling units and considered to be as one of the high end device.

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