3 Exotic Brands of Whiskeys that can be Gifted as Presents

Birthdays are a special occasions for people of every age group. There must be absolutely no one who doesn’t like celebrating birthdays. People celebrate birthdays, because birthdays involve a lot of celebration, gifts, parties, return gifts and definitely all the pampering. If it is your birthday then be ready to receive a couple of personalized gifts from your friends and well that special someone. However, in that case you’ll also have to think of some extravagant and attractive personalized return gifts for birthday something like happy birthday whiskey collection. There are a couple of birthday return gift that you can give away to all the attendees in your party. Make sure you choose the best birthday return gifts to make your birthday a pleasant experience both for yourself as well as your guests.

There are a couple of gifts that you can give away to your guests however most of these are usual and boring. Why not choose something personalized and trendy? There are a variety of personalized return gifts to give away to your guests. However, even in case it is your friend’s birthday or your birthday the best choice of gift or return gift is a happy birthday whiskey. This accounts for the best and the most personalized gifts for men in India as most men love liquor (alcohol). So, rather than any other form of personalized gift, you can give away personalized whisky. Below we have provided some of the best and the most exotic brands of whiskeys that you can give away as presents. Choose the one that suits the taste and your budget.

Black Nikka

It is a Japanese whiskey brand and the company has its headquarters in Tokyo. Black Nikka has approximately 37% alcohol content in it. Owned by Asahi Breweries the founder of this epic whiskey brand is Masataka Taketsuru. He went to the University of Glasgow in order to learn how to make the best Scottish whiskey. In the year 2008, Black Nikka was voted as the best single malt at the World Whiskeys Award. Originally, this brand of whiskey was called as Nikka however in the year 2009 the founders decided to rename the name of the whiskey and chose it as Black Nikka.


Black Velvet

Another best and the most exotic brand of whiskey ruling the charts is Black Velvet. The brand is owned by Constellation brands and is one of the leading Canadian brands. The company is a leading wine, beer and spirit company in the world. The Black Velvet has exponentially raised the sales of the company and has made the company reach a new sales record at approximately 2.1 million sales in the 3 years together. The brand of whiskey was initially called as Black label but was later renamed to Black Velvet all accredited to its strong taste, smoothness and velvety flavor. More than the flavor the company has also taken care of the branding and advertisement. It always gets the best and famous stars such as Kelly Emberg, Christie Brinkley, and Larry Hagman for advertising its brand of whiskey.

Crown Royal

Crown Royal is another top selling Canadian brand of whiskey. It was introduced in the year 1939 in order to celebrate the visit of George’s IV in Canada. The brand of whiskey is owned by Diageo and was introduced by Samuel Bronfman. There has been a repetitive growth in the sales of Crown Royal year after year. The best feature of this brand of whiskey is that it is packed in the gold embroidered bag to add to its exotic touch. Another variant of this legend brand is Crown Royal XO that was introduced in the year 2014. This is a totally unique brand of whiskey that is made from a blend of 50 different whiskeys. The whiskey is packaged in an exotic looking bag with gray and gold embroidered accents.

Final Words

These are some of the most exotic brands of whiskeys in the world. Choose the one that fits your budget and give away this happy birthday whisky to your friends. Moreover, you can add a romantic message and use this as your perfect personalized gifts for husband. You can give away these gifts coupled with personalized wine glasses. There is a huge variety of personalized wine glasses available in the market. However, to simplify the search you can look for wine glasses online in India. In case you’re giving an anniversary gift you can annex the whiskey with Mr. and Mrs. Wine glasses.

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