3 Websites To Help You Research Your New Neighborhood

If you”ve purchased real estate before, then you understand just how important it is to research your upcoming neighborhood thoroughly before you make a move. It”s important for you to find a community that is the right fit before you proceed with a purchase. Take a look at these three great websites that can help you learn the most about your upcoming neighborhood.

Zip Who

This website allows you to learn about the residential demographics of your upcoming neighborhood. This tool can be much faster than browsing the U.S. Census quick facts for each location. Just type in the zip code and click on “Basic Search.” You”ll get a profile of the location, including a cost of living index number, the percentage of owner occupied homes, the median number of rooms in home, the number of people with college degrees, and the median income level of the people who live in this area. It can give you a quick snapshot of the socioeconomic status of your upcoming location.

Walk Score

Are you looking to move somewhere where you won”t have to rely on a car for your daily commute and errands? Well just check out Walk Score. This handy search engine allows you to see how accessible a home address is when it comes to walking to and from various destinations. Once you enter your future home address, Walk Score will provide you with a run down of the destinations you can arrive at after a 20-minute walk. You”ll also find maps of nearby public transit routes and information on nearby bike trails.



Are you wondering where the nearest grocery stores, restaurants, and amenities are? Just jump onto yelp and leave the “Find” field blank. Then type your current address into the “Near” section and you”ll be able to pull up a list of all the businesses in the vicinity of your potential home. This can be an excellent way for you to get acquainted with your local businesses.

These research tactics are extremely important to keep in mind as you buy another home. It is crucial for you to learn as much as you possibly can about a new location before purchasing a property. Location demographics, local resources, and transit options are some critical factors that can influence your decision to invest in property. Make an educated purchasing decision by using these websites to learn more about a location.

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