4 Best Locations for a Tech Startup

The tech startup industry is booming, and it’s also thankfully moving out of Silicon Valley. As startups embrace the cloud for virtual environments, a lighter carbon footprint and lower overhead, newbie business owners are getting smart. They’re realizing that there’s not one central hub that guarantees success, especially when those hot spots come with insanely high commercial property rental rates. There’s more than one place to grow a successful tech startup.

Consider the state taxes and cost of living along with the kind of hours you should offer and potential employee perks. Where you set up shop can make or break a tech startup, many of which are on shoestring budgets. You might have to relocate, so don’t choose where you’re living now just because it seems easiest. It might end up bankrupting you and the best applicant pool might be farther away.

Here are a few great locations for your tech startup today:

1. Seattle, Washington

There are no state taxes for entrepreneurs in Washington state which instantly cuts your IRS fees dramatically. Plus, Seattle is a hub of tech geekiness, complete with Bill Gates calling the city home. A sprawling metro, you can score cheaper rental rates outside of downtown but still be minutes from all the action.


2. Anchorage, Alaska

Another place with no state income tax, who would have guessed the Great North has the capacity to be a startup hub? Rent is relatively cheap, there’s plenty of space (perfect for data center startups) and there’s little competition. Plus, there’s no sales tax either.

3. Clearwater, Florida

There’s some costly real estate in cities like Miami, but check out a laid back area like Clearwater where you can take advantage of Florida’s zero sales tax while not breaking the bank on overhead. There are also some excellent engineering programs at Floridian universities, so you can scoop up the newest talent with ease.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Think about it: Nevada is one of the richest states in the country. All those gambling earnings mean no sales tax and it’s incredibly cheap to get into office-esque properties since the big players are obviously hotels and casinos. Plus, you’ll have a plethora of potential clients on and near the strip who are looking for tech support and solutions.

Why pay more to start a tech business than is necessary? Technical entrepreneurs are smart, and with a little effort that can extend to cherry picking a ripe location.

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