5 Smart Ways To Spend Time and Money To Promote Advances In Technology

Almost all fields of work benefit in some way by the advances in technology these days. But from that statement comes the questions of how do you spend your time and money in order to promote those advances?

With everything changing so quickly in consumer culture, here are five things that you can do reliably to improve your promotions, including throwing an event, getting organized with a social media package to improve consistency, making an app for your product or industry concept, purchasing some organic advertising opportunities, and using personalized responses to consumer feedback.

Throw an Event

Though sometimes the immediate metrics aren”t going to agree with the decision, if you throw an event in order to get recognition of your technological advance, you get all kinds of benefits, including face-to-face time, a captive audience, and a full memory from the participants that go. So much of the world is virtual, that a physical event may be just the kind of promoting you need to capture the attention of an otherwise distracted audience.


Buy Into Smart Social Media Packages

It can be easy to waste time and money promoting over social media if you don”t have a consistent social media platform that organizes all of your updates. If messages aren”t dropped in the right places and at the right times, you”ll lose all of the momentum and opportunity within a very small window, which is why the specialized apps and software exist in the first place – to make overall promotions integrate seamlessly with business operations.

Make an App for Your Product

One really great way to promote your new technological advancement is to make an app for it! Even designing a free, super basic downloadable application for smartphones that simply goes through the product design will allow people to search for and experience what you”re providing, without having to go through browsers that can be a hassle sometimes.

Look Into Organic Advertising

A good use of time and money for promotional purposes is to look into organic advertising. Essentially this means that you”ll find some multi-media presenters that are willing to have your product on their presentation somehow, in a way that fits within the general constructs of the show they have. Lots of YouTube personalities are doing this, and it”s a great way to get attention.

Use Personalized Responses To Consumer Feedback

A final good way to spend time in order to support your technologically advanced product is simply by personally responding to feedback about it. Call people directly in response to things that they”ve said about your product, and if you follow their critique, you”ll have a customer for life!


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