3 Reasons Mobile Marketing is The Future

With 89% of smartphone users utilizing their cell phone to browse the internet in the past week, it is highly likely that you are reading this article on your mobile device. It is no surprise that mobile devices have launched themselves into success the way they have. You can do almost everything on your smartphone; from paying your bills to buying a pizza. It is just this mobile addiction that makes mobile marketing such a necessity. Included here are a few reasons mobile marketing has become the future.

Local Targeting

Have you ever been out on the town and “checked in” via social media to an establishment? You may have found this a handy tool for letting other friends know where you were hanging out, but there are other people paying attention. Checking in is a great form of mobile marketing for the business. Not only are they getting exposure online but customers can be drawing in more business from their friend group alone.

Another wonderful aspect of local targeting is in geographically relevant ads. You could be walking down a certain street and your GPS ping will let local businesses know where you are. You will then receive ads for those places as well as local interests and perks. It is already possible to download apps that will allow to search for restaurants, recreation or other interests on your mobile phone based on your GPS ping.


Social Media

You are already aware of how social media can be utilized in marketing through checking in. However, social media has far greater possibilities for your business. By creating a social media page for your business, you can create a brand and become more visible to consumers. Your daily posts with coupons, helpful hints or informative articles can keep your brand in the forefront of your consumer’s minds.

Additionally, businesses on social media have the most direct line to consumer response. Your business can directly act on complaints, compliments and concerns by responding to posts on social media. You will be able to create a relationship with clients and customers while boosting your brand recognition.


Applications are the future personal assistant. With modern smartphones, you can download nearly any assistance you could possibly need. Apps are now being created that can chronicle what you eat, how you worked out, what you need to buy (what you already bought), and your personal interests.

Some experts do have concerns about apps having such a vast array of knowledge about you, down to predicting your cycles and whether or not you are pregnant. However, many believe that the data these apps are compiling could be for the greater good. Consider some medical apps comparing your symptoms of illness to your diet over the past week. Correlations could be made to find allergies or even a long term condition you were unaware of.


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