Building Options with Steel Construction

If you are considering building a commercial or residential building, steel construction may be the option for you. Steel construction can be far more cost effective and customizable than other building options and is resilient in extreme weather conditions.


Preliminary designs for your building can be software rendered and provided to you with quotes. You are able to customize your building for usage and aesthetics as well at this point. Most standard buildings can be completed in the fabrication process in only 6-12 weeks.

Agricultural Buildings

Working with a team to communicate your exact needs can allow for a steel building that has the ideal flow and layout needed for your work. Steel buildings provide a long-lasting reliable option that also allows for future growth and expansion. These metal buildings can be used for livestock or storage, depending on your design and needs. Options for steel construction include: column free frames, high eaves, large doors and expandable end walls. Intended to be weather proofed and fire resistant, metal construction buildings can often come with 20 year guarantees.


Long Span Systems

If you need a building that maximizes your interior square footage without interior columns, long-span buildings should be considered. These buildings offer uncluttered interior space perfect for warehouse and distribution establishments. This choice of construction is also ideal for riding arenas and airplane hangars.

Riding Arenas

Instead of altering your needs to fit a pre-fabricated structure, customize the space to fit you. Engineered to be strong and long-lasting, these structures are always built clearspan (no interior columns), and can be as wide as 220 feet. If you prefer natural light while working with your horses there are options for clear panels along the walls and roof. Vents along the roof are also an option allowing free movement of air in your facility.

Retail and Commercial Use

Custom retail buildings are a cost-effective choice for doing business. Build a space to accommodate your clientele and business rather than try to fit your needs into a pre-fabricated space. If, later on, you decide you need a large open space in your building or you need to expand, options to do this with steel construction are far easier than with traditional construction. Design option coverings to make your metal building aesthetically appealing include: glass, brick and veneer in a variety of styles and colors.

Final Considerations

Whether you are looking to add a riding arena to your property or set up a new establishment for business, steel construction can be the wisest choice. With many new options for design, metal buildings can be cost-effective and long-lasting. The flexibility of these buildings also allows for expansion and changes in the future.

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