How To Get Instagram Photos Printed Online?

With ever changing smartphone technology, almost every mobile phone today is now equipped with high resolution camera’s , it is a fact that everyone want to take snaps of anything they see, does not matter where they are. One should thank the dramatically evolved smartphone technology that made every individual a self declared photographer. Taking photographs from mobile phone as is as easy as drinking water today, but if one wants something spectacular, then you must try iPhone / Android Apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic which allows you to transform regular shots into something extraordinary, into an interesting piece of art.

You might have heard about Instagram app which is now available on android platform along with ios. In case you are new to instagram , it is actually a application which is available free of cost in android and ios platform for iPhone and other smartphone users who use android as OS. Instagram allows you to implement several filters and amazing cool effects to your photographs clicked from mobile phone.
I am not here to discuss more about instagram because its worldwide popular app. What i am concerned about is “how to get instagram photos printed” so that you can those wonderful images in to your wall. I have reviewed couple of printing services that allows users to print orders from instagram account directly.


It is web based printing solution which allow users to print photos and posters clicked from mobile phone using instagram, but limitation with this service is you can only order mini prints and t-shirt prints. Pricing is quite cheaper and starts from 50$ for first 100 prints and 10$ thereafter.


Another wonderful service which actually allows you to order print in larger formats, good thing about this service is you need not to do any Photoshop tricks to edit and format images, all you need is place your order and this web based service will take photos clicked from your mobile phone using instagram in batches of 12 and print them into size of 4×4 square prints, the service is really cheap and get you a roll of 12 prints in just 6$ including shipping.

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