Preserve the Integrity of All Your Devices With A Customized Skin

The newest generations of smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices aren’t exactly cheap. If you want the best in mobile technology, you’re going to have to pay the corresponding price. When you lay down several hundred dollars for a phone or a couple of thousand for a MacBook, you can’t take any chances that will endanger and damage your device. Ensure that the money you invested goes far by making sure your gadgets live a long and protected life. Vinyl skins can protect your devices – whether it’s a phone, tablet, or gaming console.

To find a skin that you can trust to protect your valuable device, you need to focus on design. Part of the reason why you bought the newest update or generation of your device is because of how sleek it looks. You don’t want to ruin what the top designers have spent months perfecting by adding an ill-fitting or bulky covering. A skin should be slim, adding little weight or dimension to the device. It should also be cut according to your particular gadget’s measurements and versatile enough to accommodate the device’s unique features. Therefore, if you’re picking up a skin for your MacBook Pro Retina, it shouldn’t interfere with its Force Touch trackpad. If you’re outfitting your Galaxy phone, it should sit around the camera lenses, buttons, antenna, and other connectivity ports accurately.


When a skin covers your device properly, it can provide complete protection. As mobile devices are typically used in outdoor settings – risky situations that can involves spilled coffee, sharp objects, and accidental falls – you need all the protection you can get. The vinyl of the skin is an added layer that prevents items from scratching, nicking, or otherwise damaging the surface of your gadget. By virtue of being vinyl, moisture beads against it and provides a better grip in your (sometimes sweaty) hands.

To make sure the skin you choose is ready to stand up against whatever you throw at it, you need to make sure you find a quality provider. If this is your first foray into vinyl skins, this might be harder than you think, but armed with the right knowledge, it doesn’t have to be. Simply hop online and take a look at the providers that come up in a search. If they can’t offer genuine 3M vinyl, then ignore them. By ensuring your provider uses 3M vinyl you can make sure your skin is durable yet versatile enough to fit your device and style. Like the 3M carbon fiber skins by dbrand, the skin you choose should provide a custom fit in a style that won’t leave behind messy residues should you decide to switch it out for another design. Their engineers have worked hard to create the most accurate fit for a variety of devices.

So, all things considered, customized skins are a great way to protect your devices and make them look and feel unique. For a tiny fraction of the original cost of your device, you can put a skin on your console, tablet, and smartphone and preserve their integrity for a long time. With all these benefits why not give it a try?


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