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In the past there was good reason to worry a lot about technology robbing people of their health. People spent less time outside doing yard work and putting clothes on the clothesline, and more time indoors, sitting around staring at a computer or other mobile device screen. With recent changes to the tech landscape, there have been many innovations that help people to return to an active lifestyle and to ensure that their health needs are addressed, despite the intrusion of tech gadgets flooding virtually every second of their lives. From mobile devices to a heightened awareness about the need to stand up and move about, the tech savvy are starting to take their health back one step at a time. Here are just a few ways this is happening.

Doing Your Work Outside

Just because you are a tech enthusiast, this does not mean that you must remain cooped up indoors every moment of every day. The great advantage of having mobile devices is that they give a person the flexibility of taking their work out doors. This option alone can make a huge difference in someone”s health, allowing them to get more sunlight, which is important for getting adequate amounts of vitamin D3. Another great health advantage that comes with doing work on a mobile device outside is that the air outside is usually much fresher than the stale indoor office air. Now that people are getting more fresh air and sunlight, this combination of healthy factors should help to reduce sickness even around the office, as more employers learn the benefits of allowing their workers the opportunity to take their work on the go.


Improved Exercise Regiments

Another wonderful advantage of mobile technology is the array of mobile exercise games and apps that have hit the market. Mobile exercise apps turns your smart device into a beneficial monitoring device, helping you to chart your progress as you get up and move about. Reminding and prompting you that you need to walk more, run faster, and get your body active on a far more frequent basis helps to improve insulin sensitivity, as exercise is key to reducing insulin resistance. This in turn has a direct impact on levels of type two diabetes in the general population, both improving our state of health and reducing the costs associated with one of the greatest burdens on the health care system as a whole. As people become less insulin resistant and more insulin sensitive, the tendency for their weight to go down is also a major benefit as well, which in turn takes a bite out of the obesity epidemic that also used to plague so many tech enthusiasts. An added bonus is that the more people who use their smart devices to get active and prevent increased rates of type two diabetes and obesity, the more we should see a drop in coronary heart disease as well as other associated health complications. This is particularly good news for tech users.

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