Most Important Technological Advancements to Ever Happen

Technology is blooming all around us. It’s such an awesome time to be alive because you get to witness the greatness that is technology, and be a part of the changing of the world, one invention at a time. There is no doubt that technology makes our lives easier. Okay, maybe it also makes our lives more complicated at times, too. But overall, technology has given people a certain ease of life.

Technology has definitely had its stepping stones. Sometimes it has given us an inch, other times, it has given us a giant leap for mankind. There are really hundreds of technological advancements that paved a way to the new world, so focusing on just a couple can be a disservice to everything else that deserves just as much praise. With that being said, there are the few inventions that shaped how we do things today.

Here are some of the most important technological advancements to ever happen.

Everything Traces Back to the Wheel

To get a grasp on the biggest stepping stones of technology, we have to go pretty far back in history. The wheel was invented in 3500 B.C. Before this, everything was limited in how far it could go, and people were forced to use animals and other interesting methods to transport themselves and goods from one place to another.

Wheels influence our way of life tragically. Interestingly enough, the first wheel is believed to have been used for pottery and not for transport. Today, they’re used in every machine that makes all the products we’re so dependent on today. Without the wheel, modern society would look 100% different.

They Hit the Nail on the Head

Another very important invention in the building of society was the nail. The first nail can be traced back to Ancient Rome, over 2,000 years ago. Ancient society made due with brick and mortar, as well as the carving of wood and stone to fit together like a puzzle piece, but the nail made it so that cities could be erected in record speed and is part of the foundation of society. After all, what is man if he has no structure in which to reside?

The Day the World Became Small

Ideas about the world have changed drastically over time as technology develops and people are able to better study and understand the way things are. Jumping foreword thousands of years, the invention of the internet is another technological advancement that completely changed the world, and actually made it seem a lot smaller.

The internet has opened the door to world commerce, which has led to marketing, or the selling of goods and services on a completely foreign and digital level (pun intended). Humans have always had wants and needs that need fulfilled, and as necessity is the mother of invention, so forth came advancement after advancement that gave men what he craved.


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