How Secure Is the Cloud Compared to Local Networking?

As Cloud services become an integral part of business and personal lifestyles, many people are concerned with the safety and security of information stored online. Organizations that store sensitive personal data need to be assured that it can”t be accessed by the criminal element. While this is a valid concern, a large portion of people seem to be skeptical about Cloud security measures.

Military-Grade Encryption Methods

Many Cloud-based services are protected by military-grade encryption methods. This means that your information may be more secure online than it is within your own server. Unless you utilize 256-bit or higher for encrypting your data, your own localized network may pose more of a threat to your security than online storage. Enterprise firewalls and corporate security devices are incredibly useful when protecting your network from online threats. However, these units can cost a considerable amount of money to implement. It”s a cost that could be avoided by using Cloud-based services.


Target of Attacks

Users will often concern themselves with rumors of large Cloud organizations being the focus of an attack. Although some systems have been compromised in the past, this doesn”t mean that the Cloud”s infrastructure is any less secure than your local network. In fact, your network may be far inferior to the implementations of Cloud businesses. As long as your network connects to the Internet, it”s just as susceptible to attack as a high-profile target. While large and well-known businesses are often the primary target for hack attacks, it”s not unheard of that smaller businesses have been intruded upon as well.

Inability to Alter Settings

In the Cloud environment or virtualization of networks, you usually don”t have direct control over the security settings of the online network. Any changes to the firewall or security protocols are made by the organization you use. However, this may be more ideal as it reduces the risk of incorrectly changing settings or modifications that could corrupt the network. The settings within the firewall are usually provided for you allowing connections without the need for you to change those settings. In the event that something does need to be altered, the Cloud-based company will make them for you while using trained professionals that know the system.

Saving Money on Security Methods

As mentioned earlier, high-profile organizations implement security methods to make data as secure as they can. These devices usually cost thousands of dollars to provide a solid firewall that is next to impenetrable. When using Cloud-based services, you are benefiting from these kinds of protection without the additional costs. Instead of spending the money on hardware and training your personnel to use the device or paying extra money to hire a professional, the cost is rolled into the low monthly fee.

Storing your information online may not necessarily increase the risk of your data becoming compromised. Although high-profile organizations are targeted more often in the media, there is a good chance that their security is more developed than your own. Don”t let rumors and unsubstantiated accusations dim your perception of what Cloud technologies can do for your business.

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