Technology changing real estate industry amid economic recovery

Although there is economic recovery in our country and various changes happening, yet the change that technology has brought into the real estate industry is something completely surprising and delighting to watch. There is not an even closer to this type of change in any other sectors or industries of the country. The houses are being sold faster, the property in Bangalore is popularizing and the lands in pune are being rented more. The technological advancements have truly changed the face of real estate industry. There is more to the industry now than just the traditional buying and selling.


The technological advancements can be listed to be the company websites then the real estate portal websites and then the mobile applications. There are various sub advancements that come under these main categories and have been more useful than actually these main changes. First off came the company websites where the companies posted all the latest information, pictures and details about their project and properties and about them and their past work, this way if some person wanted a particular builder’s property then he used to visit this website and find out all the information about it but the deal was never made online. For making the deal and finalizing the apartment the person had to go down to the site and sign the papers in a traditional way and then pay the token and the money for the house.

Then the invention of real estate portal websites happened in the world. They were responsible for making some major changes in the real estate industry and getting the industry online. Right from renting to buying to selling to just browsing for flats, you can do anything and everything here and you won’t be given some fake results. You will receive 100% true results when you find out stuff on the property websites.

These websites are also called as housing websites and property websites. The reason for this is that they make housing so much easier and fun to deal with hence they are fondly called as housing websites. These websites changed the way people looked at housing. There was no turning back after these websites were launched. People didn’t need to go to a real estate agent after these websites were introduced. Now even an illiterate person knows how to operate this website. The websites are extremely easy to use and user friendly.

You will not be stuck at any point in the house hunting process. They provide some of the most amazing services like free posting advertisements of the property to be sold and emi calculator which is the calculator that helps you to calculate your emi that you will have to pay on putting the price of the property and your monthly salary. It basically tells you if the property is affordable or not to you.

At last came the mobile applications for android and apple users. The applications are free to download and easy to use just like the websites. The very famous mobile application is Housing from the website. It lets you do everything from renting to selling to buying a property through your phone. It is so easy to use, you just have to put in the city, the area, the house type, the room requirement and it will find out some fabulous homes for you within minutes. You can choose from what is presented to you or you can wait for the right property on the website. All you need to do is either a post a requirement ad or check the website daily.


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