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Are you not happy with Evernote? Well, that is unlikely, but in case you are not really able to get used to it and feel that it is a bit complex and would like to have something that is simpler and is better for the purpose of taking notes, then here is a list of the top 10 alternatives for Evernote.

Microsoft One Note

Needless to say that this software is a product of Microsoft and it is a digital notebook that will help you to jot down all your necessary appointments, take quick notes, remember specific dates etc. It is a part of the Microsoft Office suite.


This is an online note taking service that will help you to take all your notes while you are connected to the internet. There are simple tools and the service is easy to use.

The Brain

This software is popular because of its flexibility. It is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows. The software is really interactive and you will be able to make your notes, keep appointments and all the other things that you use Evernote for, in a simpler manner.

Red Notebook

This is a graphical diary and is a smidgen different from the software of the same category. As it is a graphical diary, the user interface is more interactive and easier to use as compared to the software. There are templates that can be customized and there is a calendar for you to look at and set you all your notes and appointments.


NixNote is yet another software that is supported by all Mac, Windows and Linux. It was basically programmed only for Linux, but later, there was a Java program made for the same and it now runs on Macs and Windows as well.

Simple Note

The name is suggestive of the functioning of the software. There is no complexity at all and this is just great for those who do not want to waste time getting into minute details and need something that is simple and help them get the job done.


This is available in the form of an app for Android and Apple devices and you can also use it as an online service. You can make notes of your choice and make lists of the things that you need to get done. Keep a track of the dates and there are reminders that the app will display for you.


Wikipad is a note taking tool by wiki and like all their endeavours this one is also one of its kind. It is simple, concise and will help you in the completion of the task for which it has been created. Note taking with the help of this software is lucid.

Task Coach

You are going to love this software in case you are not comfortable taking notes in English and would prefer to do so in a regional language. There are around 50 languages in which you can type out your notes.


This note taking software is only for Linux and it is more than just a note taker as it enables you to know more about topics that you have shallow information about.

These are the top 10 alternatives for Evernote. They can be downloaded as an app for your mobile or used as an online service in case you are using them for your system.

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