Using Technology to Throw a Successful Party

As the late 1990s fed into the new millennium, a trend seemed to evolve that pushed party planning from the pages of a notebook to the screen of a desktop computer. Websites popped up all over the internet, with each claiming it could make the planning process that much easier than the other. While a small segment of the market used these sites to send digital invitations or brainstorm ideas with others via – what would now be called prehistoric – message boards and forums, they weren’t extremely popular in the grand scheme of things. However, fast-forward 15 or 20 years and technology and party planning appear to be more connected than ever.

Taking the Easy Way Out

The relationship between technology and party planning really comes down to two connections. First off, it naturally makes the process easier. Regardless of the technology you’re using, the overriding benefit is that it takes away some burden of planning and allows you to focus on other details. Secondly, technology adds a certain flare to the process. Parties are supposed to be fun – and by using the latest, greatest technology – you’re furthering that idea.

Social Media

The best tools are the ones that aren’t specifically designed for party planning – i.e. social media. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest, in particular, are excellent resources.


Facebook is great for stirring up conversation, inviting guests, and brainstorming ideas with friends. Better yet, it has an event feature that allows the host to set up a group with party details, date, time, address, and other info. It’s essentially a digital invitation, but with far more customization and interaction than previous sites offered. The added benefit of Facebook is that all of your friends are already registered on the site, making sending out invitations simple. You don’t have to look for addresses and you don’t need to spend money on invitations and stamps.

While Facebook helps you connect with guests, Pinterest likes to help you with the details. You can search the site for ideas, tips, and tricks for almost any themed party. Most of the information on Pinterest is for do-it-yourself items, too, which makes it ideal when your budget is low.


Don’t forget about Google! With the popular search engine’s gravitation towards local search, it’s never been easier to search for event venues in your area. Simply type in the area you want to throw the party and add additional keywords that clarify what you’re looking for. You may be surprised to see how many options you’re given. Better yet, you’ll be able to read testimonials, analyze ratings, and get contact information.

Mobile Apps

Last, but certainly not least, on the list are mobile applications. There are literally hundreds of different apps that allow you to plan and throw a party right from the comfort of your smartphone. Whether it’s an app to help you select the best wine or an app that transforms into a digital DJ, there’s always something waiting to help.

Get Planning

Are you ready to throw the party of the year? With the assistance of the latest technology, you can take the stress out of planning and have more fun during the event. Happy planning!

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