Why Backing up Your WordPress Site is so important

It is important that you offer back-up for your site consistently; it’s just unavoidable. There is absolutely no excuse available for this. Some understand, and some others realise it after they miss something.  There are many points those make it the conclusion that you must back your site. We have come up with a few. Take a look!

WordPress Websites are most targeted by the hackers:

WordPress is undoubtedly the most preferred content management system over the globe, especially for bloggers. At the same time it is true that the platform has to face maximum challenges from the hackers. Doesn’t matter whether you have made an arrangement of a protective plug-in, but there always remains a threat of a virus or spiteful threat over your site.

Things get worse as these bugs become hard to detect. They further use your site in spreading spam mails, and others similar illegal and threatening stuffs. Such attempts can certainly affect your rankings, and chances are high sometimes for it to get marked in a negative way.

Too dependent on your host:

No matter how enhanced and expensive host you go with, but facing some issues is quite common. No matter it’s a wordpress site or any thing else, but facing downtime is quite obvious. There are many technical flaws those ultimately cause downtime for your site.


People often feel relaxed as the hosting houses often are able in bringing back the information when the server faces downtime. The problem in these cases is that there remains every chance that you have to face an edition of the site that is not up to date.  Ultimately, it’s a loss for you.

If you are going with shared hosting option:

Normally, the hosting companies have been seen to be promising back-ups in consistent manner in regular time intervals. Through the process you are made available with the last edition of your site here.

Maximum of the hosting houses can turn round the entire site to an extent when the site was performing well. It is important here to mention that shared hosting may not be able in offering such specs as there are many similar sites playing through the same server.

It’s your full right to ask the hosting house to offer back-up daily ensuring a flawless functionality of your job. As we have mentioned above, this doesn’t mean you depend entirely on this. Remember, your server, or host, everyone work from a house. They have their own issues like technical faults, electrical faults, etc. Hence, to ensure you don’t miss anything it is important to have some precautions for your back-up.

You have no idea in which way you may come across with a flaw:

Mistakes are quite obvious to come; no matter how much cautious you are, how many years of experience you are having. But, it costs really big when something crucial file gets deleted. In fact a straight command, missing a comma or semicolon can also cause severe problems while getting updated.

Finding excuses or blaming yourself is not something helpful in these situations. And, you can best realise the importance of having back-ups on these occasions.

Learn from the experts, or the mistakes others do; realise:

The problem is a bit more challenging if the concerned site takes a lot of storage. Well, the best arrangement to go for back-up works is to take the help of an additional service for backing up the files, as offering back-up for the personal system doesn’t really sounds a better option.

There are different plug-in available to offer back-up through a zipped form of the site to the server. However, you really don’t want this is your host is consistent enough in terms of offering back-up.  Hence, going with external back-up providers is the best option than anything else for your site. Make sure these plug-in perform primarily from over the cloud.

I repeat, never make the mistake to wait till the day when you come across with the pathetic situation of missing the data, or never try to learn a lesson. If our site is dragging enormous visitors, then it is important to have the best back-up available with.

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