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The Windows operating system generates too many error and unknown problems after couple of months, this is because you have downloaded so many applications and your computer is now your one stop workplace which is messed with software,games,movies etc and etc. While some of the downloaded software’s try to modify your registry while some of which installation get failed and not all the files get uninstalled, which creates future computer problems, if you are techie you know very well what to do when any of the computer problem arises, but for normal people like me, it is problematic situation, but recently when i faced blue screen of death error in windows 7 ,i found couple of utilities and tools which require no brain to resolve some of the known and regularly occurring windows problem. So download any of them and get rid out of typical computer errors.

Dial a Fix

Well based on common problems that people have faced, this tool has been designed to cater solution for beginners, technicians and administrators. The screen shows you the errors or options clicking on which you get solution for the problem, all you need to do is click on check button beside titles and click on go. the tool will guide you thereafter. You can fix windows installer, Windows update related problems with one click using this wonderful tool and the utility is absolutely free.


Did you ever faced problem with internet connectivity, remember the time, when you was not able to open run internet even after the connectivity is shown fine, rest of the family members or colleague are able to browse internet but you cannot, this happens when buggy software or malware, adware and spyware get downloaded to your system, This wonderful tool will tell you which are the buggy things that are creating problem with your internet connection and will display you which files you can remove and which one you can keep, as soon as you delete the remove the files displayed under remove area, your internet connection will be back again.


AutoRuns Detector

AutoRuns detector is wonderful tool for those who are worried about various type of Auto Runs associated with software’s and system files. The tool is advanced version of what you see at MSconfig and will show you what are the programs placed in startup folders, registry, and taskschedular. This tool also tells you which are the program or dll’s that run by default when windows start. Apart from all such information it also allows you directly make changes or delete anything specific.

Process Explorer

Sometimes it is difficult to know which files is used by which software, this is where the virus and malware take the win, the process runs with all other processes and user get confused even if he is suspicious, this program will give you the list of running process with full details – like what it does, and company name associated with it, which will help you to filter malicious software’s.


At times when your one hard drive get faulty and you are not able to have control over it , then you can use this tool to copy drive to another drive without the need of opening of folder to folder.

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