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With an office suite, you get a word processor for all your typing and basic desktop publishing , a spreadsheet program for numerical work and keeping track,database software,a presentations program and an organizing and scheduling tool. there are plenty of additionals,depending on which suite you work with. While Microsoft office suite is the most commonly used and has most powerful feature among all.


If you are looking for alternate office suite to microsoft then you can try Libre Office 3.4, it is another office suite from open source community which has potential to give ” Microsoft office” a run, because its free and provide replica of almost all the office suite applications available in microsoft office,In an integrated envrionment, it has all the features of any big office suites. Its user interface has been designed in such a manner that users using microsoft office can easily switch to it without any trouble.

Libre Office 3.4 is availble in 30 languages spoken worldwide and can be installed in Windows,Linux and Mac Operating systems. Microsoft excel users can carry over their cell formulas to this suite using Calc Application which is used to create spreadsheet in libreoffice. Similar to microsoft word it has Libre Office Writer where you can perform all sort of editing and publishing desktop content,Another application Office Draw reminds one of MS Paint which can be used to create all sort of drawing sketches.Similar to Microsoft powerpoint presentation it has Libre Office Impress which can be used to create business presentations.

Libre Office 3.3 Allows you to Edit PDF files, so you will no longer require adobe write to make any changes in pdf files,along with that you can save any document directly into pdf form. Auto Spell checker and updated dictionary are the news features added in latest version.One can notice that most of the features of libre office 3.4 looks exactly similar to open office(another open source office suite) but has added advantage of Editing PDF files with dictionary and auto spell check.

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