How Should Be Your Domain Name?

Internet has become crowded space, you amazed to hear that total 252 millions domain exists over the internet and you never flipped pages through couple of them. If you register free domain, you dont have much control over the domain name, the free domain name are usually provided by various web host to lure customers who later turn into regular customers. Having a domain called,, is never good if you are really planning to take web presence long. The domain name should be carefully choosen so that, it gives you return of investment in long term, let us see which are killer tips that will help you to choose best domain name.


Easy to remember

The domain name should be easy to remember, it should not be too long, most of the domains are remembered for long just because of its uniqueness and two words in domain name.

.com vs .net vs. org

I see most of the people asking, how does it matter if you buy domain with particular extension. Search engine specially google sees every extension with different prospect and accordingly it gives preference on search engine listing, while .com ranks higher than .net and .org and others fall in place thereafter.

Number of years

For how long one should buy domain name? – i would never suggest people to buy domain name for long, the domain penalty and hacking attempts are growing, it would be foolishness to register a domain for 15 years which is penalized by google very next year. You might have to switch to another domain in that case.

Which Registrar?

The internet has good number of domain registrar today, but the one which are ruling the industry since decades are very few, it is always to go with industry leader to get full benefits.

These are couple of tips, which will certainly help you to choose good domain name and other associated parameters, hope this helps.

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