Top 6 Exhibits of CES 2019 That You Probably Missed and You Shouldn’t Have

CES is the granddaddy of all tech trade shows and this year the event was bigger than ever. 2.75 million square footage of space, 180,000 attendees, and 4500 exhibitors from 155 countries, this was a ridiculously extravagant affair even by Las Vegas standards. Even if you were lucky enough to attend the show, there is a good chance you missed out a lot of it.

Considering companies spent millions decorating their booths, it would be an absolute shame if we didn’t highlight the best of them.

These exhibits are a way for people to unlock themselves as they encourage innovation and creative thinking. They can also be an inspiration for business owners looking to exhibit ideas for their next trade show participation. CES booths may seem huge and complex but there are companies like Exhibits Northwest who can help you create eye catching exhibits for trade shows, powerful enough to steal the show.

Speaking of stealing the show, the following are 6 exhibits in CES 2019 that deserve a standing ovation from the tech fans around the globe.

LG Waterfall Display

LG has a habit of outdoing themselves every year and CES 2019 was no different. They unveiled a gigantic exhibit in the central hall. This ceiling to floor exhibit was almost entirely made from OLED TVs and the entire structure flowed down organically much like a waterfall. LG used 268 TVs to form the epic cured array display that played scenes of waterfalls, space, deserts, and others.

The Google Assistant Ride

Google created a giant space in the CES parking lot and the highlight of their exhibit was a freaking rollercoaster ride. This gentle ride took passengers inside tunnel. The ride told a story of a family using Google assistant to overcome the little struggles of life. It featured giant models of Pixar-like cartoon characters and the happy background music made the ride family friendly and incredibly fun.

Omron’s AI-Enabled Ping Pong Tutor Robot

Yup, you read that right. CES 2019 had a robot that can not only play ping pong but can actually help you to learn and practice the game. The robot, better known as Morpheus, can detect the ball and return and can make spin shots for most advanced players. Their booth also had other AI-enabled robots, but Morpheus was definitely the star attraction.

Bell Nexus Air-Taxi

Flying cars have been advertised to us for far too long. It’s what we imagined the future would look like making roads obsolete. While our imaginations ran wild, there was never something that even came close to flying cars. The Bell Nexus Air-Taxi is a prototype autonomous vehicle, which kind of looks like a giant quadcopter. Its cabin is big enough for four passengers and an operator and it can very well be the Uber of the future.

The Audi Virtual Reality Ride

Anyone who visited the Audi section at the CES this year would agree that it was one of the best trade show exhibits there. Their central attraction was an experience ride. It involved a specially designed vehicle and VR headsets. The VR headsets played a movie while the car simulated the movements to match what was going on in the film. It was like a VR amusement park ride inside a car. There were a few different choices of movies including a Star-Trek-style space battle. Audi says that it’s planning to launch this technology so that owners of future Audi vehicles would be able to use VR devices to take amusement-park-style rides.

The Entire 1st Floor of Sands Expo Hall

Contrary to what people think, CES is not one gigantic space that houses all exhibits in one location. It actually happens in many venues on the Las Vegas strip. Most blogs and YouTube vloggers concentrate on trade show exhibits located at the Las Vegas convention center. This is the space for large multinational companies where they try to out-wow their competitors by setting up gigantic exhibits. The LG waterfall display we talked about earlier was located in the convention center. What about the small startup tech companies? Well, they usually get their spot at the Sands Expo Hall. Here the trade show exhibits are much smaller, but you get to speak to the CEOs and developers of exciting new tech startups. The beauty of the Sands Expo Hall is the interaction. This makes this place ideal for tech nerds who want to mingle with key people instead of speaking with representatives trained to promote a specific product or display.


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