5 Ways to Implement Greater Communication in the Workplace

Regardless of the size of your organization, communication is key for ensuring future success. Each of your employees needs to have access to material and resources that is pertinent to their jobs. If someone changes a task in another department, those that need to know can adapt quicker. Otherwise, tasks could be completed incorrectly causing wasted time and possibly money for the business. In light of this, what are some methods that will allow you to implement greater communication in the workplace?

Cloud Storage

One of the most common methods of sharing information is through the use of online storage. Although there are many free organizations available, companies can pay for additional space giving the ability to save documents and files that are easily accessible by various people on the Cloud. This could work well for businesses that use template forms and contracts such as real estate or legal professionals.

Intranet Chat and File Exchange

Chatting and file sharing can be localized to the business network infrastructure. Instead of using public interfaces, business LAN software can be used for communications. This works well in the educational and medical fields as it allows staff to communicate without being overheard. Since it”s an intranet application, it is uninfluenced by diversions and interception. It can be an incredibly secure way to communicate within the organization.


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Local Hosted “Website”

Some organizations will host a website that is only accessible on the local network. While setting this site as the homepage in browsers, only those within the establishment are able to access its content. These sites work just as online versions allowing links and material to reach online resources. However, the site itself is inaccessible from any person outside the network. This is another method that can offer increased security. Educational materials, calendars and more can be implemented on this site without fear of outside access.

Project Management Applications

Project management applications are incredibly useful when considering the scope of what these programs can offer. Individuals using this app are able to share information and resources with others in real time. As many of these are developed with live chatting and video conversation capabilities, users can communicate immediately about certain tasks or jobs that need completed. This can save an incredible amount of time allowing others to be more efficient in the workplace.

VoIP PBX Hosted Services

The PBX system is a useful tool for interoffice communications. However, Voice-over-IP PBX systems take it a step further. Instead of isolating the phone systems to the business environment, VoIP PBX can be used to forward calls to smartphones of employees that are offsite. In some situations, these calls can be forwarded to software operating on computer systems as well. Regardless of where an employee is, he or she can still receive interoffice calls on a myriad of devices.

Communication and transferring knowledge can play a pivotal role in how well your business performs. By offering more integrated solutions within the office dynamic, you can reduce employee mistakes while increasing workload efficiency. Find ways that work best for your environment and enhance the way your company does business.

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