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According to recent survey, it has been revealed that most of the lawyers prefer iPhone over other smartphone for storing research law related pleading documents and manage contact information, the survey also highlight that the lawyers find iPhone better when it comes to edit and read documents, the survey was done on lawyers from around the world and most of them have been seen talking about advantages of iPhone over other mobile technology/phones. Some of the feature like run conflict checks, managing calender and synchronization with office is what pulling everyone’s attention. The application market is flooded with plenty of apps designed for different purpose and category, the same way you will find hundreds of apps developed specifically for lawyers. let us talk in detail about them.


While the whole world is utilizing this app, lawyers are no behind, sometime i think, this app is surely find it use well among lawyer. The app allows you to upload documents directly from your device and you can share them with your friends, clients. The app gives you synchronizing options which automatically upload documents from device from behind the scene. The Dropbox keep backup of your data and you never have to worry about data loss in case of theft or any mobile damage.



if you are looking for document manager , then this app does wonder. It saves documents so well that i can be accessed later does not matter where you are. The App is capable of reading PDF’s, MS Office Extensions and every other office related file extension. It also allows you convert document to PDF. You also get the facility to upload the files to online storage sites like Dropbox.


This app is specifically developed for iPad users, the perfect app for Injury Lawyer, the app gives you full access to federal cases and allow you to perform the legal research results and that to without any price. The law library and legal research system is the largest one ever reported in any application so far.

We found these top 3 apps topping the chart when we talk about apps for lawyers, although almost every other productivity app also helps lawyers in some or other way.

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